Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Desperate Nepali Youth

"Lack of options leads to desperation."

The Next generation of Nepal is facing a serious crisis due to lack of opportunities. There are not many who see a shining future ahead in Nepal. The whole situation is the result of worsening economic condition of the country due to Maoist insurgency and political instability. So the best they can see is to get out of the country to some distant land where they can start without much of unwanted hindrances.

In fact there is a whole chain of youth movement within and beyond the country border. Those who are living in remote villages are migrating towards district headquarters. They do not have any other option. Not doing that simply means joining Maoist rebels either by choice or by force. Now those who reside in small towns and suburbs are moving towards major towns or the capital city where they see more safety and order. Education is also any important factor that is driving the youth of Nepal away from their home. In the outskirts of Nepal, there are not many educational centers. Teachers, like anyone else, hesitate to go to such places so there are not many educators. And Maoists they have been using students to carry out their jobs like digging trenches and carry their provisions.

Well... about the youth of Kathmandu, their first option is to fly abroad (usually to US or any other country). And why not, after all studying in US has been set as a benchmark in many big organizations to get a job. It also raises the social status of a person. Nepal Blog does not deny that people learn a lot in US and many also develop their personality but it is not applicable to everyone. Anyhow, queue of Nepalese people applying for US is increasing day by day. In fact, the rate of applicants for students visa is accelerating so rapidly that at present, the TOEFL registration has exhausted out. (The author of Nepal Blog was also in the queue few days earlier.)

US seems to be the best but not the only destination. UK and Australia are popular too and are usually targeted by upper middle class of people of Nepal. Various other Asian counties like Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea and Taiwan are preferred by those, who want jobs that earn them more than they get in Nepal. Similarly China has evolved as a doctor-degree providing nation for many.

The worst thing is that many of these Nepalese people, especially young ones, do not want to return back to Nepal and settle abroad. Nepal Blog just wants to relay the message that "Over there you may not have an identity and may be lost amongst millions but over here you can make a difference. Even if you are abroad, never forget that your motherland is expecting for your help in her difficult times."

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