Friday, 5 December 2008

For the love of MO:MO

Friday, Dec 5, 2008

I got this article from a friend of mine as an email forward. I never imagined that just of sight of MoMo could be so evoking but we are a generation raised on MoMo...

For the love of MO:MO

Recently a friend of mine told me that, you are not Nepali if you don't like Narayan Gopal and mo:mo ...quite random! but still how true, right ?, i had no choice but to try my hand on making mo:mo

so, today's 'Picture of the Day' is dedicated to our love for these juicy, yummy, mouth watering food that you can never get enough of--MO:MO, momocha, kothe, dumplings, gyoja, or whatever you want to call it

(no drooling over my plate of mo:mo now)

Following pictures and comments are compiled from the group in Facebook called 'MO:mo'

'People say that 'wheel' is the greatest invention of humans..........I don't think so.............its MO:MO'

'Why is there always 10 pieces of momo in a single plate? i wonder ..??!'

'I've done upto 4 plates and the record i saw in Image channel got the gutts is 5 plates and 1 and i declare i can eat upto 6 plates at a time...'

'i want some momo...damn right i do!! ani oo bhai alik jhol chahi badi hala hai!!'
'Yummy!!!!!!!! Guys, you remember back home, the most untidy place had the most delicious momos.... The momos in the resturants sucks'
'this is what we used to call... 'Dhyarrrraaa momo'
this is because of the dhyarraa noise made by the big stoves..
enjoy dhyarraa momo'

'Nepali Rastriya Ekatako Pratik - MoMo.
Now, if there is anything that can best unite we Nepalis, then that's only MoMo.'

'Breakfast: coffee & donuts $5.00
Lunch: Turkey sandwich $7.00
Dinner: Chicken Pasta $9.99

Thinkinging about the mo:mo and its smell: PRICELESS...missin Mo:Mo (there is something that money just can't buy)'

' momther's milk....
n second...momo'z
ttz wat brought me up!!'

'I.LOOVEEEEEE.loveeeee. LOBBBB.LURRVEEEE.luuvvvvvvvv.looooovvv.laavvvvv.lvvvvv.LOVE.MOMO!!'

'I love Momos very much. if I had a girlfriend I would name her Momo'

'They should sell momo in fast food mc chicken momo..'
' Oh my god...its like a torture to see them...all those momos....i havent had any in a while'

'Kathmandu aaula momo pakaula,
Kahan baata lyaunla? thulo khasi katumla!

la saathi ma pani samel haumla'

'U guys know what? I miss MoMo terribly. I ready to part ways with 10 $ for a plate of momo now. So, if u r goin outside Nepal too. gulp doun ur throat as many momo as possible before u get a chance to regret not doing so later. U r going to miss it terribly. BELIEVE ME'

'momo is my all time favourite.i feel lucky to b born in Momo city.'
'I think Kathmandu should be Kathmomodu. We should change Dhobikhola's name to Momo-khola to remind people that the 'meat' or 'vegetables' inside the momo needs to be 'washed' first and that it is done with 'water', a.k.a. paani. And paani is everywhere in Kathmandu in the form of dhoblikhola bagmati and tukucha. Perhaps when dhobikhola or Momokhola as I would like to call it, will remind people of momo that they actually PUT IN THE STOMACH and perhaps stop dumping 's#!T' into the river? And eventually Bagmati and others would follow suit!
At least this idea's better than Krishnaprasad Bhattarai's vision of turning Nepal into Singapur or the maoist's ideas!! WUT WUT?'

'Telling my parents that I loved mo:mo was the hardest thing I have ever had to do...but now they accept my mo:mo tendencies and support me in my choices. Such as Buffulo MO:Mo from Mo:MO cave, Kathmandu. Nothing makes Mo:mos even tastier than low mood lighting and 5 nepali guys staring at you.' (she is from Italy)

'steamed, fried or kothey...fresh or even stale - momo is divine.'
'everest momo at naxal was literally 2 mins walk from my home ..... yup i remember the smell !'

'my mother told me she is going to cook momos for thanksgiving! that's the way i like to eat my turkey'

'If there are any girls out there that can make good momo....I am 6'0, attractive, affectionate, and we can talk about marriage... haha'

'it pissed me off that people kept saying 'oh these dumplings are good'. idiots, they're momos. they're not thaaat hard to say.'
'if u ask me, our momo tastes a million times better than the best of dumplings. correct me if i am wrong and enlighten us with the information about the best dumpling houses in the world.'

'Dherai dherai aucha manama, tita mitha jhajhalko haru, Ranjano ko soda pasalma baseraaaaa...

Tudikhelma cricket khelera kahilyai, ketilai impress garna khojera khahiile, laxmi ko momo pasalma baseraaa...


shayad mero momocha po thyiyau ki pahilo plate ma...shayad mero sekuwa po thiyau ki arkako thaal ma....mero fanta maa!!....mero tanduri maaa...mero acharr maa mero andhra maaaaaaaa......

maitidevi ko momo pasal maaaaaaaaa!!'

'Yes!!!! the favourite dish of all time! The best dish of alltime. Dallo dallo tattaato, piro piro, nyam nyam chapauna milne, khasi hos ya thulo khasi, pepsi hos ya raksee, momo khana paayen ma babal khusi'

'Had Italian cuisines, had Mexican cuisines, had continential, had Chinese blah blah..Nothing Beats MO:MO! Hamro ek matra MO:MO, Jado, garmi, gham, paani MO:MO is the best jahile pani. Haha...'

P.S.:Dear Mo: Mo, I'm missing you a lot

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